BLESSING PETROLEUM PLC was born on November 9, 2009 and words cannot express the pride that I feel right now, 10 years later. But it all began way before November 9, 2009, under a divine impulse, we made a commitment to trust the most high God and to let Him lead us to the creation of this company.

We seized the opportunity offered by the liberalization of the downstream petroleum sector in Cameroon to demonstrate that we have in this country, the skills to contribute to our own development.

At that time, we had a dream more than anything else, and the determination to see this dream fulfilled by the grace of God. We were a small family with a great vision, "Become an enterprise established on values of professional excellence with the goal of building a better world for future generations and contribute to the advancement of missionary work."

We, who saw BLESSING being born, are not very many in the company anymore, but we still deserve to be celebrated for our endurance despite the challenges. And the challenges were many. Being a small company, we were not taken seriously and had a lot of trouble convincing people.

Blessing Kekem is our very first service-station and its construction is the result of many financial and administrative acrobatics. We had encountered a lot of adversity and there are many who did not believe we could succeed.

Today our network is made up of more than 30 service-stations and we have further developed our bunkering, export and import operations. We occupy the 6th place nationally and have created more than 500 direct and indirect jobs for the Cameroonian youth.

But we still have so much to do.

We must be able to:
- Illustrate the same standard as the majors
- Develop our offer by concretizing our domestic gas distribution project
- Continue to develop young minds
- And always believe in the Lord and His blessings in our lives

We celebrate 10 years of professionalism, 10 years of engagement, 10 years of an attitude of integrity, 10 years of citizenship and 10 years of environmental awareness.

I salute our wonderful journey during which BLESSING has been able to renew itself, diversify and create numerous partnerships to further our mission of providing high quality services and products in compliance with health, safety and environmental standards.

Happy birthday to our BLESSING family.

-- Helene Dengoue, General Manager
Blessing Petroleum PLC