Cameroon is a country rich in diversity and culture. Cameroon has more than 200 tribes scattered throughout the country. As a result, its twenty million inhabitants are exposed to a variety of languages and customs.

Given the differences engendered by this multiculturalism, it is important to cultivate "living together" based on mutual respect, acceptance of plurality of opinions, interactions in openness and cooperation, caring in relationships, and the refusal to ignore or harm each other.

What is “living together”?

It is the state of harmony achieved by the people living in an environment of social and cultural diversity, when they successfully develop a culture of peace between them. It is accepting those who are different from us and making a common effort to exist in the same environment in peace.

Why cultivate living together?
Because we live in a sensitive environment.

• Social media have become the channel of preference for spreading violent and hateful messages and images against other individuals, which is at the root of many virtual clashes that can create real damages
• Cultural diversity in our country also generates a diversity of opinions that can be quite divergent to the point of triggering tribal friction.
• According to the Global Peace Index, Cameroon is 38th out of 44 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and 138th out of 164 countries worldwide
• Today we must build a better world for future generations ... that is also the vision of Blessing Petroleum. How do we cultivate “Living together” in our company?

At blessing we celebrate inclusivity and are against any sort of tribal discrimination in hiring. All of Blessing Petroleum's staff represents the diversity of our country.

Our team is from the 10 regions of our country and we support the women of our team while giving them the opportunity to hold positions of responsibility within the company. To this day, we count several women who, by their talents, perseverance and charisma, maintain decisive roles in the company.

Our Values: Professionalism, Engagement, Attitude of Integrity, Citizenship and Environmental standards form the acronym PEACE, it is the hallmark of our commitment to continue promoting harmony within our company and beyond.

We do not encourage any practice that may create any conflict.

How can you continue to cultivate “Living Together”?

Ask questions to better understand others instead of stereotyping them, reciprocally, be willing to educate others about one’s culture and not automatically feel offended by other people’s prejudices. 

Before taking action about someone else, put yourself in their place and analyze the consequences that can be generated.

Stay open to others keeping in mind the fact that we are all human and therefore not very different from each other.

In order to accept those who are different from us, we must learn to know them.

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