Blessing Petroleum defines its strong presence in N'Gaoundéré by operationalizing 3 service-stations at the exits of the city.

Welcome, or  "Djabbama" as it is said locally in Fulani, to N'Gaoundéré's road-users. Blessing Petroleum offers them the same quality service as in all other Blessing stations in Cameroon.

To all those who ride from N'Gaoundéré to Douala, in addition to our services available in the stations of Douala and Bertoua, they can also benefit from Blessing Bekha located at the exit of N'Gaoundéré towards Bertoua.

For Chad's regulars, our station Blessing Malang is equipped with a 500 m2-space for the truckers' parking needs.

Blessing Route Garoua (Malo Goni), at the exit of the city towards Garoua, greets its customers with the same kindness as anywhere else.

Our shops "Le Baboné " present in each of the stations, provide refreshments during the trip and much more.