Distributors of a range of formula 1 lubricants, Blessing offers Engen / Petronas brand oils, whose intelligent formula corrects the impact of the country's road conditions.

Over the years, PETRONAS has built with major car dealers, such as Mercedes, an internationally competitive product development network, an expertise that its subsidiary ENGEN, uses to design lubricants specifically adapted to the road conditions of  Africa and Cameroon.

The range of ENGEN lubricants, which BLESSING PETROLEUM is exclusive distributor in Cameroon since 2011, is composed of automotive oils for gasoline and diesel engines, universal oils for tractors, gear oils and transmissions, industrial oils, marine oils , greases and utility products such as brake fluids.

Already present in 7 Cameroonian regions, BLESSING's mission is to optimize customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and services in compliance with health, safety and environmental standards. This partnership with PETRONAS / ENGEN is a key step towards this goal.